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At 10' you'll find minimal problems. Crossing 20' is where it really comes into play. On the loop, the route options from NY to the Great Lakes varies based on air draft but you're fine on all. The overall maximum air draft for the loop is 19'1" and that is due to Chicago where there is one bridge with no lower alternative and it is a fixed bridge.

Best thing is to plan your day and include the bridge openings in that planning if there are any. Timing can be everything. When there is a succession of bridges to be opened, as on the ICW in South Florida for taller boats, the bridges generally have timing that once you hit the first if you move at the right speed you'll hit the others right. For instance if one opens on the hour, the next one will open on the 20 minute mark.

In some areas, like South Florida, openings are less frequent during auto traffic rush hours. Lowest bridge on the ICW in that area is 15'.
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