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Hendo's Randall 35 Cray Boat complete rebuild, Perth, Western Australia

Okie Dokie
Almost done with the Hull extension and Transom,( is it still called a transom when its no longer the very end of the boat )

Made the Transom door 1.0mtr wide. My mate has a narrow transom door on his boat and not only is it a PITA, its dangerous and a trip hazard so mines nice and big :-D

Sides are coming up and we're moving forward.

Ive had to buy some 3mm ply and laminate them in situ on the hull extension. Too much curve for any other thickness of ply. Little bit of work and I would have rathered done without it, but itll come out ok ... I hope lol

Tomorrow the floors start to go down then the finishing fillets etc get done in the bilge prior to painting
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