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Originally Posted by meridian View Post
After giving it some thought I went back and rechecked all the connections, corrosion was the problem. Since this solenoid only triggers the starter solenoid my original thought that the contacts would be burned was wrong as there are few amps passing through this one. Only 12 ga wire in and out.

I suspect it is a "step-up" relay. By the time voltage leaves the battery, travels through the harness to the bridge/starter button/neutral safety switch etc- there are a lot of opportunities for resistance and voltages drops. Instead of having the described circuit then trigger the main starter solenoid to pull in, it's job would be to trigger the step- up relay/ solenoid. One big terminal on this relay would be connected to a wire that connects to the battery terminal on the starter. The other big terminal on the relay would go to the switch wire on the main starter solenoid. That way when the step-up relay is energized, the circuit that feeds the switch wire only travels a foot or so. Glad to hear you got it solved!

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