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Once again, thanks for all the advice. As I stated before, I am not planning on pursuing action against the capt. as it is just not worth it for the $ involved and its time to move on and enjoy the boat and learn from the experience.

The main thing that rubs me the wrong way on this whole deal is that I paid the Capt. a significant sum of money to do the delivery since I was a new boat owner without what I thought was enough experience. He put us aground because he did not do any route planning. You can blame me for hiring him, not doing the route planning myself, not carrying low insurance limits, etc. This was not discussed and my contract with him did not state these as requirements and his contract implied that he was responsible unless mechanical or weather related. However, if that is how professional captains operate, which I doubt it is for most, I am not impressed.

The other thing that bothers me is that if he would have agreed to split the cost of the repair with me he would still have netted a nice paycheck for the trip. But he will not respond to calls or emails since I got the total for the repairs.

So you can close the books on this one. He is going to skate by on this one other than any ramifications he may face from not having filed an accident report since I have filed one as the owner to fulfil the requirement.
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