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It's just among the many items one has to weigh. To some most important and to others less. Perhaps less space of more difficult entry is ok if it really gives you something else. For example in sportier boats, boat garages are becoming popular, especially in Europe. Well, the cut down on storage space and engine access. Each purchaser has to decide if its worth it. I've seen some things I considered crazy on otherwise well designed boats.

One I was looking at yesterday had a ladder to the engine room but to get to it you had to raise the cockpit seat and go down. It immediately struck me as what happens if while you're down three professional football players lower the seat and sit on it. Just looked to me like the access could have been moved and been much easier. It's like someone said they didn't want the hatch visible.

Often the trade-off on engine room space and fuel capacity is staterooms. How many do I need? If it's just two of us cruising, I'd rather have an easier time in the engine room than a third stateroom stuffed in.

My other thing with many builders is to make the hatch's larger and hydraulic or electric. And think of the time an owner might have to replace the engine. When we lived on the lake and had a 30' bowrider getting to the engines was easy. Press the button and the hatch opened and went up. There they both were. Crammed into a small space but easy to access and filters and such were easy to see and get to as well. But I see some of the tiniest hatches and just don't know why. Honestly if I bought a boat with one I'd strongly consider getting it replaced with a larger one.
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