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We started out in an Advanced Frame double and quickly realized we wanted singles so we could paddle side by side and easier to maneuver. So we sold the double and bought two Advanced Frame singles. They are sit in models. We like the sit ins because they offer protection from spray, rain and dripping paddles. Wh often kayak in light rain as it is a different feeling than other weather conditions.These are inflatables that work very well. We also have two plastic sit in Aquaterra kayaks that are faster, lighter and very stable. We take all four with us when we have company and love them. You would be welcome to try the ones we have when we are back at the boat. I should be there the middle of the month. One of the advantages of the plastic ones we have is they are short, wide and stable. They are not a Sea kayak more designed to explore comes and bays. They do not take up as much space as the longer sea models. I also have a sit in Fishing kayak, an Advanced Frame model. Wow, what fun it is when hooked up with a salmon!
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