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I think a lot depends just on the complexity of your boat or boats and on your personal inclinations. We do use vessel management software. But it requires total commitment and a good bit of up front work just like most software systems. Coming from a business career, it's just my natural inclination to use such systems.

One issue in selection too is whether a cloud, web or desktop system. The one fear I have on cloud and web systems is how much you can depend on the software company being around five years from now. So, I'd suggest one that has been around a few years already.

Prior to tablet computers, I might have hesitated a bit. My concerns would have been having the information where you needed it. But now it's very convenient. While putting dates on filters has worked for centuries, we like having automatic reminders on all maintenance. Also, like having all spare parts aged and warnings there with expiration dates of certain things like impellers.

I would say definitely not for everyone and a very personal choice.
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