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Reading the banter back and forth regarding this service, it does sound nifty, but I still don't see the need.

Possibly its because of my personal background with maintenance, equipment, and computers, or possibly its because of just being old fashioned, I just do not know.

What I do know is that I keep a set of hard copy manuals for every system onboard where I need them. I also keep a fairly good but not 100% complete set of manuals on my server.

I know that My boat is just as complex as any boat here. It might not be as large or as expensive as some, but except for active fin stabilizers I've got every system anybody else has and a few that are not very common at all.

I guess that I feel that I can keep my head wrapped around my boats systems without needing yet another computer program to do it.

I dont know. I could buy a program. Heck, I could write an access database if I wanted to. I just prefer seeing the last oil change date written with a sharpie on the filter, and a handwritten log book entry.
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