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Originally Posted by Right rudder View Post

At what point in ownership would it be beneficial to consider the cost of retaining a membership in an onshore company that would handle boat specific maintenance scheduling.

At no point in ownership (for most boaters) if you follow steps 1 - 4 in my post # 5.

Way I see it (i.e IMHO)... Owner/Captain of any boat should be very closely in touch with his/her own craft. I'd feel amiss of I did not have my knowledge of and log book records up to date on my boat's needs and services performed.

I would not want an email or phone or tweet (heck, I don't do tweets anyway - lol) telling me it's time to change my fan belts, check my zincs, clean my bottom, change my oil, cleanse my water tanks, evacuate my holding tank... etc.

But - - > That service you describe might be purchased by some boat owners not wanting to be close in touch with their craft. Might make a good biz where boat owners pay a monthly/yearly premium! Go Get Em - Frank!
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