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The 3116 in trawler apps should do just fine. The problems with this engine show up in high speed boats where engine has to run at a high power setting for long periods. Aftercooler fouling from multi-vis oil comes from blowby mist ingested into turbo, and heat of compression in turbo cokes the mist. That plates out on cooler and clogs it.

In trawler service the turbo is barely making any heat so the coking issue is a non-problem. Probably can use multi-vis oil there too, and save some bucks.

The low mounted turbo and exhaust mixer can be a problem, it is harder to get a good elevation on the spill point. Design of the rest of the exhaust system is critical.

I've always liked the way the engines ran. A bit "diesely" as far as noise goes, but that's what an engine should sound like!! Generally cleaner burning than most, and low load efficiency is good.

I think a good match for trawlers, but definitely get the exhaust system checked out.

This is moot if the PO ran it on the pins, as some misplaced trawler owners do.
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