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We installed the rebuilt CAV and put on new fuel supply hoses. I used fuel line hose. I put a flared fitting with a barb into the CAV and attached the hoses to the original end of the lines that went into to the fuel filter as we could find no similar fittings on town.

We hooked everything up, bled the air out and it started up nicely. I will head there tonight to clean up the mess and run the engine for a while. I think i attached the throttle cable to the wrong hole on the throttle arm as it idles WAY to low. I had it set before so that I could throw the throttles down all the way and it would idle at about 3-400 rpm but not die. Now on the engine I worked on the engine dies at about 1/4 throttle.

We ran it about 15 minutes and no leaks appeared. Tonight I will run it for much longer and keep an eye out for leaks as I clean it all up...
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