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Use of saloon roof

My trawler is under construction overseas, so I'm limited as to photographs (reference Eric's/nomadwilly's recent post).* In recent weeks my posts have included under-construction photos.* Here is one showing the aft end of the saloon deck.* Note the low rails, ladder, and hatch opening (hatch top*not*yet installed)*allowing standing entrance/exit to the stern-side exit of the saloon (saloon floor is lower than the deck).*

I agree with the builder that the saloon roof isn't a good place to*be while underway since the railing is only about knee/lower-thigh*high.* It should be good for sunning while at anchor/marina, however,*with some low-seat chairs.**

The saloon roof*could be used*for some storage while underway such as a rolled-up inflatable dinghy.* A possible dinghy, hard or soft, is to be decided.*

I can't see storing a hard dinghy up on the saloon roof.* It would be too difficult to handle over the rails.**Also, a*high crane is too "commercial" in appearance*and would subject the dinghy to greater swinging movement*since it would have to be elevated quite high.**Further, the saloon roof needs to be kept relatively clear to have a 360-degree view from the pilothouse.

Thus,*for a hard*dinghy. davits on the stern would seem to be the better solution.*

A staff to fly the national colors should be appropriate mounted on the stern saloon railing, don't you think?

Where am I going wrong?

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