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RE: Grand Banks vs. Monk

By your own rules, "total cost of the journey" this makes sense.
After 16 years, insurance Co still wants it insured for more than I paid in 1994, after independent survey, so no doubt the value is there.

If you count in today bucks inflation is the main price driver.

The "name" is usually the quality driver. Useful IF needed.

Remember a survey only tells condition, how well or bad was the boat maintained.

It does not tell how well the boat was constructed. Most owners would be aghast at you drilling hull coupons to sends to a lab for resin glass ratio , taking off interior to inspect the hull-deck or bulkhead -hull joints.

Most TT were sold on a high interior volume to low sales price , not based on their suitability as distance cruisers (where getting "caught out" is part of the journey) but as local inshore, lake, bay river, dockside house .

Run the Loop-AICW , sure. Inside Passage either AK or Carib , caution required , but no big deal.

Head to Rio, even long shore , Panama to SF , better have a name under your butt !
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