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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
I think the caffeine in those actually makes for negative hydration.
We take good old Sydney tap water in 10-15L containers that originally contained "spring water", (which sometimes turns out to be just filtered tap water). Locals seem to tolerate local water, in Philippines I would never drink local water, but the locals do.
A friend has a filter plumbed off his tanks and is very happy with it.
One time our tap water somehow got giardia and cryptospiridium in it. It was fixed by scientific research, high tech treatment, and a State election. You couldn`t have mightily pissed off people going to vote after weeks of daily boiling State supplied tap water for drinking.
No, we don't drink the soft drinks. We drink water they bottle. Coca Cola bottles Dasani. Pepsi bottles Aqua Fina. Dr. Pepper bottles Deja Blue. We don't drink any caffeinated drink.
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