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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
And I don't care what you drink...we are just discussing what people do, don't do, realities of drinking anything...etc...

My point about asbestos was that I would have considered it dangerous to drink after all the issues about breathing it...until a boatload of experts convinced me it wasn' least for the time being. can ingest all kinds of things that are harmful in other ways.

Just like margarine in butter...every few years medical science has convinced me that one will kill me and the other is OK....wait a few and the pendulum swings.

Just like worrying about bacteria in research has shown avoiding it may be worse than a good dose now and then.

After a few years on here I know I rarely change anyone's mind....I just try and post stuff that people can use to make up their own minds what they should do.
But by introducing totally irrelevant tangential information you don't aid your argument at all. Asbestos? Margarine and butter? Door knobs? Money? The discussion topic was water on our boats. We could get distracted and discuss a million other exposures and even the number of people dying from bacteria every year but that has nothing to do with water. I wouldn't suggest somehow a correlation between water and pneumonia or staph infection or any other form of bacteria. Did you have some plans of drinking asbestos?
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