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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
If you want to make it comparable, then you must lick the door knobs for considerable time, swallow the money and keep your chicken fingers in your mouth an extended time. Your comparison is very off. Those items you list are the equivalent of you sticking your hand under the water, not of you drinking it. Yes, door knobs and money have germs. But unless you have some unique fetish the germs aren't going down your throat and into your stomach immediately and certainly not in a liquid. Now, I would suggest washing your hands.
I doubt it...for bacteria and viruses...if you can get sick from those things I mentioned...and usually it's getting them into mucus membranes not just your mouth...I can't be worried to much about a slightly higher dosage into my stomach that's full of acid. I have drunk some pretty nasty water in my day and never sick yet have had food poisoning from some pretty nice restaurants....

Most parasites are definitely removed with again what's better...and if I've been hearing the news correctly...bottled water is no where near as safe across the board either.

Did you know you can drink all the asbestos you want...just don't breath it?

Again...I know what works for me and being too sanitary seems overkill when you look at the big picture.
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