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Originally Posted by Bay Pelican View Post
This year we know of three boaters here in St. Lucia who have acquired some parasite from the municipal water.
One of the problems with any water, including the "municipal water" is that from the time it leaves the city water station until the time we drink it there are many possibilities of contamination. I personally trust my watermaker more than 50% of the marinas I've visited. Much of the piping to the docks is questionable. I've seen docks piped off of lines that were originally put in for irrigation. You have deterioration of the pipes and of the hoses. Then you have your tanks and lines on the boat to add to the picture. Now to add to that, there are many municipalities that have had water samples fail in various bacteria count as well.

We can talk about what we've done safely for decades but that doesn't mean it's always safe today. I'd also caution that as one ages the risk increases. Plus the water we are getting today may not be the water we drank safely all those years. We have a more contaminated environment.

Last, one final reason we drink bottled water. Taste. You travel along the coast and you find some towns with really awful tasting (and even smelling) water. Water from your watermaker likely doesn't taste as well as you wish. One talks about cost but then most people drink lots of soda and/or coffee and/or tea or other beverages such as beer or wine or liquor. Bottled water in the volume we buy it is less expensive than the majority of the other drinks. Drinking bottled helps encourage us to drink it. Yes, we both average about five bottles a day (or more) if using the 16 oz bottles. Others with us drink a lot too. But let's say I drink four bottles of water a day, that costs me about $0.50. That's less than the cost of a couple of soft drinks. Less than the cost of one beer. Actually less than the cost of four cups of coffee. Plus extremely convenient as we can easily carry plastic bottles to any deck, to the tender, to the park, wherever. And when we pay for bottled water out somewhere, such as a restaurant, it's no more than anything anyone else at the table is drinking.

We choose to drink bottled water. Yes, we have UV and PH check and all the other bells and whistles with our watermaker. But that's for all the other uses we make of water. For drinking, our personal choice is to stick with the bottles. We do respect those of you who choose to do otherwise, but we're not going to change.
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