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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
It seems the world is becoming paranoid over water quality and bacteria. Drink more bottled water says Coca Cola. (Great profit margin in selling water)

I'm OK with drinking water straight from the taps, whether it be at the dock or home. No filtration, sterilization, or other treatment is required on my boat as long as I keep my tanks clean.

Its quite simple, really. Put only clean water in. Only clean water comes out.
....while a little thoughtful thinking and management of your system is in order...hardly the end of the world type scenario....

Like LarryM...been drinking the same old stuff for 60 years and never a stomach cramp...even all my travels through South & Central America and military survival schools.

I really believe what more and more studies are showing (and of course within reason and no immune system issues)...the cleaner you live the sicker you are.....
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