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Very true on the hot tubs, my boat does not have one yet.
I would like to add since this is a water quality thread...that lead and copper are also major concerns in any water that may be used for consumption. I would think it fairly common to have copper water lines in many vessels and those nice looking polished brass fixtures are made with lead, copper and nickel with often an assortment of other heavy metals. The best indicator of whether those are leaching into or out of your tap is a simple PH test on the water. PH adjustments are easily made when refilling the tank from either your RO system or from the dock supply. You would be surprised at the PH range in drinking water. Water plant operators routinely adjust PH during the treatment process to enable a more effective treatment process for finished water and what may be a desired PH in one system may not be in another city's system depending on their source water. A low or high PH will result in the leaching of the lead and copper found in your lines and fixtures.
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