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Originally Posted by ulysses View Post
Pete: I would assume that your "water sterilizer" is of the ultraviolet type. Those do an excellent job, if matched to your water output flow rate, on most water born bacteria. There are reasons that they are not commonly used in public water systems. One of those is that they treat at only one point in the distribution system. The water may continue to carry bacteria if the pipes, fixtures, etc.. have bacteria present. I would suggest that the entire system on any boat be chlorinated at 50ppm (parts per million or 50mg/l) at least once a year, then completely flushed through every fixture. Chlorine needs "contact time" so hold in tank for a minimum of 12 hours prior to flushing.

On a similar note- everything in our environment will eventually be carried in our waters. Bacteria is only a part of the problem that can contaminate water. VOC's, SOC's, and the ones I would be most concerned about in foreign water sources at dock or not are nitrites and nitrates (usually related to agricultural means and methods). Some may be filtered, some treated with additional chemicals like the chlorine and some the best method is simply aeration.
This does bring to mind one of the most dangerous storage containers of bacteria-hot tubs and jacuzzi's. Regular flushing is essential for them as the water that sits in the piping between uses is a breeding ground for bacteria. We do make sure ours is flushed very frequently.
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