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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
I have stated keeping printed copies of policies from high up or reputable sources that may keep the boarding team from digging in their heels on the wrong side of a gray area.

A good example is the tie wrap on your holding tank overboard seacock. If you have the letter from the USCG Commandant (which I'm searching for) or another printed reference saying the "key switch" option is "allowed/acceptable"'s things like that that may make a boarding go smoother...even if just from the point of view that your knowledgeable and care to be in compliance...but the captain thing can as much of a hinderance than a help in some minds.
Paul, can you expand on that a bit. I don't understand what you mean by "key switch" option. I have my holding tank "locked closed" with a plastic tie wrap because I've heard it is acceptable, but have no documentation to prove it.
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