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There are a few custon built hard cockpit covers and I think there was one on the last Camano built before this sale.

From a casual glance at the website I don't think I like the layout. I would have to see an actual boat to decide. As small as a Camano Troll is, I can't see wasting space on a seperate shower and moving the galley up reduces saloon space.

If we're at a marina we use the marina showers. If we're anchored alone we shower in the cockpit so it's only at a dock or crowdwd anchorage where we shower inside anyway.

The new berth layout looks like one person would have to crawl over the other to get out. At our age we need to get out of bed during the night.

BTW: I have a canvas cockpit cover. Someone on the Camano owners website was giving away a custom hard cover but I was a day late. Someone else got it.
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