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Anchor alarm using a Garmin GPS

Thinking of getting a small Garmin GPS to use solely as an anchor alarm, possibly the 152 h or one of the 400 series. This will be mounted below decks next to my berth

The anchor alarm on the Garmin units appears to be based on a movement of the boat from the spot where the anchor alarm is turned on, say any movement of greater than 100 feet. This is different from the anchor alarm on my Nobeltec based computer and Furuno radar unit where I can draw a box and if the boat crosses the line the alarm goes off. I am installing the Garmin solely to save power.

Question for anyone with experience, if I am setting the Garmin anchor alarm after I have anchored will the normal swing at anchor be a problem?

Is the audio alarm on the Garmin units loud enough assuming we are light sleepers?

Because we are in the Eastern Caribbean the cell phone based alarms are not feasible. Also because the unit will be way below deck I will want to use an external antenna, with nightly use I am also planning on a wired power source.

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