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Did I take this wrongly?

Tell me if I took this wrong...

My marina is dredging our entrance channel. The population is comprised of roughly 20% power, 80% sail craft. I have a trawler. I advised the dock-master of several variable depth readings I found 3 days ago between 4 foot and 8 foot. I recommended he should check real well before releasing the dredge operator from the work, because the channel seemed inconsistent.

And I was told:
Transducers are not an effective way to measure the depth of any channel. We have a surveyor that will certify the depth. I see you have a power boat, I doubt you will ever have an issue going anywhere.
I found that a might bit high-falutin', but nevertheless replied that I was contacting the Garmin Corporation to advise them their transducers are ineffective, and I would be removing my 3. What I did not include is that my Garmin 740s includes a log of my depth history with GPS coordinates.

I don't doubt that they will check the depths, but found his reply a bit condescending. Am I making mushroom clouds from mouse farts?
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