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Yikes. This bring two things to mind:

1) Fuc#@(ing Eveready batteries. In the past 2 months I have had three pieces of expensive electronics ruined by leaking Eveready batteries. One was a brand new apple mouse that cost $70. The other was a $400 Nikon flash unit. And the third was a 2-way radio. In all cases the batteries were at or before their expiration dates. I've never had a Duracell leak, even when way out of date. No more Eveready batteries for me.

2) I have heard many reports of Xantrex battery chargers that fail and create an over-charge situation. And it may be more sinister than a hard failure, but rather some set of conditions that causes it to go into an overly agressive charge mode. I had one go bonkers on me personally and cause my AGMs to vent and set off the CO alarms. After cycling power it worked fine and I thought nothing more of it until I started reading about others with similar issues. So monitor your voltage carefully.
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