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The problem is the propeller that accepts 100% power at 100% rated RPM, looses its HP absorbing ability VERY rapidly .

Dropping down a few hundred RPM will lower the load a HUGE amount, which is why engine builders attempt to get you to prop for the pin, and then operate at lower RPM.

For engines that service lots of applications the builders RPM for generators for emergency or prime power production make the most sense to use.

Emergency power is short term, days or so, Prime is 24/7 forever.

Most engines come with 4 sets of power graphs , from 24/7 to sport fish , climbing up on the plane.

Each RPM will have a power rating .

The 24/7 rating for LRC makes the longest life setup.

But operating at a very small percentage of the 24/7 rating is not recommended at Cruise RPM.
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