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Thanks for all of the great responses to my post.
I have read thru them all numerous times to absorb the data. It's very possible that my prop is exactly what it should be

Looks like I need to do some accurate testing to come to a conclusion.
My engine is rated at 2500RPM, and I max out WOT at 2500RPM's with my current 25x16 prop. (Temps are 180 or less at full and I have calibrated my RPM gauges with a phototach)
Need to do a test and plot my speeds at 100-200 RPM increments and plot a curve.
Engine loading/exhaust temps appear to be an important factor that I need to determine also. It's clear that a higher load at a given RPM will increase temps, so what is the best way to determine what the engine loading is?

thank you,
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