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Another 40 Albin on here runs a 120 with a 2:1 tranny and a 20X16 prop... gets 2500 RPM and around 6-7 knots down at 1600
That would be me
And I don't know much about 40 Defevers except that I cruised with one for a few days in 2012 up in Canada (Ralph Yost who recently sold his boat).
He ran at about 1800 rpm normally, and was doing that when we cruised together and I could NOT keep up with him. I was doing probably 7 + knots and I estimate he was doing 8 or close to 8 cause he "dusted" me.
I DO know he had a 2.57 tranny and a (maybe) 24 inch dia prop. Larger dia prop is more efficient, plus the different ratio, so maybe that was the reason he gave me ample time to view any deadheads he may have licked up ahead of me.
As far as fuel use (in miles per gallon) I believe we were very close.
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