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Any Thompson Trawlers Out There

Our Thompson has*a single*4-53 Detroit, she sips 2.3 gph @ around 7 knots. The only rough ride we get is when hit with wave action from behind, otherwise she's a sweet ride. Our 44 weights in at 32-33k, she will carry 640 gallon fuel and 200 gallon of H2O. Creature comforts are excellent for us, galley down, salon up and rear state room. We enjoy the lower helm more than the upper and always getting admirers.

I had some issues with soft deck on the bridge, but that has been resolved. Apparently one of the PO had u-bolted the captains chair to the deck in a poor fashion.

Actually we are thinking of selling ours. With the new business we started two years ago, the time element to enjoy her has been reduced.

Hope this helps somewhat,


El Sea/L.C.

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