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Originally Posted by Alex F View Post
Last year I finally pooled the trigger and purchased the dinghy we always wanted. The list of primary candidates was Zodiac, Caribe, Amanzi and AB. I happened to find a great deal on AB DLX 11 with 40HP Yamaha motor and for number of reasons we made the decision that this is the one for us.

So, the season of 2013 starts and starting to enjoy new toy. Everything goes great until few months in the season I’ve started noticing discoloration of SS parts. I figured that I’ll just keep an eye on it and will maintain my regular routine. The dinghy is used for the weekend and gets rinsed with fresh water and is covered 90% of the time as soon as it gets back on the lift or when we’re back at the dock when I wash it along with the big boat.

Another month or so goes by and the issue is only progressing where I see that SS parts are now shifting from discoloration to rusting stage. I don’t wait much longer and contact AB official rep for the Northeast region. It takes me a while for him to start responding as AB has no interest in assisting me with this.

As more time goes by I’m finding out that my boat is not the only one with this issue. So, I take detailed pictures and try to build my case for another attempt for AB to take the responsibility. I try to explain that there’s always a chance for a defective (or poor quality) SS batch of parts being installed and as long as AB can send me the replacement I’ll handle the installation.

To make long story short, the extended emails and phone calls lead me to the final word I’ve received from AB. They refused to acknowledge this as their responsibility and insist that this is nothing more than a maintenance item.

Here are few pix (please excuse as these were taken real quick after the trip before the boat was washed):

As you can see from the pix, it's not just nuts and bolts, it's all SS hardware that's developing rust, even the steering wheel.

Obviously I’m very disappointed with the way AB handled this issue. My conclusion as follows:

- AB is using poor quality SS parts and it turns in to maintenance nightmare when the boat is only few months old.
- AB warranty is worthless since they refuse to handle an obvious issue on a practically brand new boat.

The purpose of the thread is to warn my fellow boaters who’s looking to spend their money on this tender is to be aware of the SS parts rusting issue and if you decide investing in AB, be prepared to deal with this on your own.

If we have some members that are willing to step in and share the same problem, we probably have much better chance getting AB to take any kind of responsibility if we work as a team having much bigger voice vs. doing it individually.

Those that wish to keep this “quite” we can still do it as a group while communicating via PMs or emails.
I couldn't find the option how to edit my original post. The only option I saw was reply, this is the only way I could add the pix.
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