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Originally Posted by THD View Post
B&B-I have followed the travails of Hatteras for many years. I lived in NC for a long time (the "TH" in my usename is for "Tarheel"). I knew members of the Slane family a long time ago and as a young guy spent a month as a mate on the original Hatterascal fished then by Wills Slane's son. They have always been very, very good boats and leaders in technology. One thing I really miss though on the new boats is the classic Jack Hargrave sheerline, both on SF's and MYs. You used to see a boat a half mile off and you could tell it was a Hatt. There is a 57' MY docked across from me and I still think the lines on it are beautiful as I walk down the dock.

Having been in the private investment business, I am never optimistic for a business when acquired by a private equity firm. Their MO just isn't operating businesses at a profit over an extended period of time (other than Buffet, Warren not Jimmy). I sincerely hope that Versa wants to own a successful and classic boatbuilder, not just hold an asset until it can "realize value from its investment". After the last 20 years, what Hatteras needs most is stability and consistency in management and operations.
Yeah, those classic Hatts are beauties, aren't they? They didn't build a 57, so you must mean the fairest of them all, the 56!

They do seem to be making an attempt to be more distinctive and "classic" in the new models, witness the 100 and the new 70. I spent some time one afternoon circling around the new 100 on my Whaler when they took it on a sea trail to Cape Lookout, then got invited on board after chatting with the crew, one of whom had come out and knew me from my 56 he recognized anchored a little ways off. Pretty fabulous though I wasn't allowed to take interior pix. I thought the yacht looked good from almost all angles, albeit in a pretty modernistic way, but far from some of the hideous looking stuff that was built under Brunswick and GenMar ownership.

No it was NOT going uphill, I took this from the Whaler. They told me the tender on the swim platform was a temporary thing BTW.


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