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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
Hatteras is doing more than OK. At the Miami show alone they closed on two more of their new 100' motor yachts (introduced last year, now up to hull #4) plus an 80MY and a 60 MY. They are introducing new modes such as the 70MY and the 70GT sport fisher. Among other boats at the FTL show they sold three of the 77' convertibles into the middle east. Dubai and that area have become such a good market they are at the Dubai boat show.

Viking is another make doing quite well, they dominate the production SF market now, admittedly a lot of that at Hatteras' expense but also Bertram. Three new Vikings became berthed at our marina in the past 18 months, 30 scant miles from the Hatteras plant. You go by the Viking facility in New Gretna and they are jamming. Reportedly they are getting back into the motor yacht building business themselves, having previously teamed with Princess in the recent past for MYs.

I know less about Marlowe, but by all appearances are thriving and expanding. Like wise, Lazzara. The larger custom builders in North Carolina such as Jarrett Bay, Spencer and Bayliss have backlogs. So it appears, at least, that the guys catering to the "top 5%" are doing ok.
Viking has introduced a 75' MY. I think their only problem is so much going on with the SF, hard to prioritize MY's. They built MY's until 2001.

Marlow seems to be concentrating more on the Mainship and Hunter lines than the larger Marlow's from what I have seen recently. They have made some revisions in their own line however, reducing the line, going to the E models only. I would think the reduction would be good. Just one of the things they are most proud of is always changing, each boat improved over the previous, I find somewhat disturbing as it keeps the target moving. But I haven't seen much activity in their boats.

As to Hatteras and the 100's, I think they have to prove they can deliver in a reasonable time. That's the problem when you have so many cutbacks, it's hard to gear back up. The first 100 took ages. Now that's not uncommon. Have you seen any update on #2?
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