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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post

Any further thoughts on the Fleming 58? Having been on F55s and 65s, the build quality and attention to detail was quite evident. If the new 58 hull design and improvements such as the mid cabin master and larger ER are appealing to you, it seems quite the vessel.

I saw one of the first GB 59s and felt the build quality less as compared to the Flemings. This was on the heels of walking away from the purchase of a used EU for similar reasons.

Don't overlook a one or two year old vessel. They do come along as buyer's remorse sets in. In many cases they are superior to a new vessel as the commissioning process has wrung out the gremlins and after factory equipment has been installed. Not to mention a savings of 30 to 40%.
Our leaning right now is toward the Hatteras. However, we haven't researched or looked at the Fleming as much as we need to in order to finalize any decision. Simply the 58 didn't exist when we started looking. The Grand Banks Aleutian 59 is third, based more on uncertainty about the company than anything. Those are also they type issues that often end up reflected in quality.
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