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Originally Posted by Tom.B View Post
Isn't Hatteras done too? I thought they closed up shop a couple of months ago in New Bern and sold off assets to a company that was going to hack them up. I know Brunswick sold them last year and they laid off 150-ish people. I hope I am wrong.
Fortunately, you are wrong. Hatteras and Cabo were sold to an investment firm, Versa. It's a bit early to know how the changes will go. Brunswick had reduced to just a passive custodian and stripped the lines of both builders. There are definitely some new designs under way. A 70 MY is one I'm aware of and probably the first that will hit. Hatteras has also made some dealer network changes. I would think short term all will be ok. I would think the long term picture is to be determined. Versa could revitalize them. They could make no changes in which case things would continue to slide. Or they could do something disruptive. You never know with an acquisition. But certainly they bought intending to move the company forward. The word I've gotten from the streets, people who know and have talked to friends who work there, so far is very good and they feel upbeat. I hope that all continues.

It would be a shame to see Hatteras and Cabo fade. There is zero reason they can't be successful. We have successful US yacht builders and successful US sports fishing builders. If they are properly financed and get their act together, they should be.
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