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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
You don't need to break a bottle. Just pour Neptune/Poseidon a serving.

Wifey B: Well, we can't say here how we really christen our boats.....let's just say the tribute isn't to Neptune but to Venus, Aphrodite and a bit to Eros, Cupid, Himeros, Pothos, Peitho, Philotes, Hera, and Suadela. And those are just the Greek and Roman.....hehe

Since I don't know the superstitions of christening and you say pouring works, is it the same if you drink it and know what......into the water? I'm guessing not.

Actually I do know much of the tradition. As it originated with ships I believe it is really to take place when the boat is first launched or floated. The logic was the extra stress hitting the water the first time put on a ship.

Am I correct that to appease Neptune, you pour the champagne on the bow and also place green leaves to insure safe return?

I do know how superstitious many are over name changes and retain names on boats that have absolutely no meaning to them. Things like names of kids or something related to occupation.

We do express our thanks that we are fortunate enough to have a boat and our hopes that no harm falls to anyone with it's use. Just really reminders to ourselves to take appropriate precautions and use it wisely.

Guess now I've taken this even further off topic but since it's my hubby's thread, it will be ok....
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