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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post
ABYC P-1 1.5.7 A separate exhaust system and terminus shall be provided for each engine and generator installation

P-1 also requires that back pressure shall be in accordance with manufacturer specification. Unless you have the ability to measure this on a joint system for both engine and generator you have another problem and will void your warranties.

Adding an a/c discharge to the mix endangers both genny and propullsion engine and is also prohibited by P-1
Don't know what to tell you. There are hundreds of boats that have it that way. There is a 100'+ yatch that visits Sunset Marina every summer. The marina doen't have big enough shore power for them, so they just run their generator all the time. Everything comes out this one pipe in the transom. Then again, maybe they have a generator that requires an 18' exhaust pipe.

Regarding water intrusion, both my generator and my engine have water lifts and the loops look to be 24"+ above the exhaust which exits above the water line. My generator has an exhaust water separator. The water is separated out and goes over board through a seacock in the bottom of the hull (to eliminate the splashing noise I've been told) and only the gas exits through the exhaust pipe.

While I've not done it yet, I will need to measure back plessure on the exhaust system for warranty purposes when we install the new motor.
While I haven't talked to the dealer (manufacturers representative regarding verification of all criteria for warranty), I imagine measuring back pressure on this system is not a big deal as they have to do it on all installations that have a water lift. Who knows, maybe they just put a gauge on the drain plug on the lift.

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