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Originally Posted by Tuffy View Post
To be honest, I wasn't looking for a boat to put a lot of time and money into. I wondered if it was possible to buy an inexpensive boat that was comfortable to live in but would never actually get underway. Not a fixer upper. A leave it as it is.
You seem to be asking everyone to do your research for you.

Get on the Internet and search for what you are looking for. Also, ask around at local marinas to make sure they will allow what you plan on doing. For example, my marina (because of it's permit from the county) does not allow people to "live aboard". Staying aboard (for a few days) is fine. They also require boats to be moved in the event of a pending hurricane. A boat that cannot move under its own power would not be allowed in the marina.

Keep in mind that you will generate sewage and need some way to have it pumped out. Some marinas have a pumpout boat or mobile cart, some have pumpout facilities at each slip, but in some marinas you have to move your boat to a pumpout station. Some marinas have no pumpout facilities at all.
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