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Thai Style Houseboat/Cottage

I'm actually vacillating back and forth between the idea of a floating cottage and a used liveaboard vessel, one each for my portion of the year I live in Thailand, and the other portion in the USA.

It all really began as a thought to have a cottage down by the southern seashore in Thailand since I have married a lady who lives in the north. Then came the idea to make it a 'floating cottage' that might be moved to different areas over the years. Here is a subject thread I started on that idea a few years ago:
Bali or Thai style houseboat - YachtForums.Com

I then began to consider this same idea for 'floating accommodation' to use while we were in the USA for a portion of the year. I was finding it to be more difficult to overcome some logistical situations here in the USA than I originally envisioned,....and to the point that I began to think it would be easier to just utilize an older boat as there would be less opposition from local authorities and marinas.

I dropped the whole idea for a few years due to a few other circumstances, but just recently during my 2 month stay in Thailand the idea has resurfaced. I went looking for other 'floating examples' in Thailand and posted a few 'resort examples' on that other subject thread.
Bali or Thai style houseboat - Page 3 - YachtForums.Com

I'm going to have to sort thru my photos, etc I took on this trip and post them in a subject thread.

PS: Years ago I owned a luxury townhouse right on the harbor of Annapolis, and had a boat business there as well. Sometime later I was living in DC, and ended up buying an older wood yachtfishermen vessel that had only 1 of 2 engines operational. I was unsure as to what I was going to use it for, perhaps just a waterfront cottage there, but I just got it at a fire-sale price. Before I could formalize my plans for this vessel a gentleman came along and made me an offer I could not refuse. But what was he going to do with this vessel??

His answer, turn it into a water front liveaboard vessel for those times he spent in his hometown of Annapolis. See he traveled much of the time building/supervising cell phone tower installations around the country, and upon returning home wanted a nice waterfront cottage. And as he said he could not justify the high cost of buying and fees of waterfront property on land.
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