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Originally Posted by MC Escher View Post
......... FWIW, electric is more efficient at pretty much 100% or as close to it as physics lets you get. Gas is more like 80% or so, although since you'd be talking propane on a boat and not NG, you'd get more out of it. Plus of course, if you go electric on a boat you've got the generator to supply electricity as long as you have fuel............
I'm not buying that for a minute. Short of actually burning dollar bills, running electricity through a resistor to make heat is the most expensive way to make heat. People heat their homes with gas, oil or heat pumps because they are all less costly ways of doing it. Electric resistance heat is the last resort. Nobody uses an electric water heater if gas is an option.

You may make the argument that 100% of the electricity used to heat water (or a building) goes into making heat, but how was that electricity produced? In most parts of the country it is produced by burning fuel to make heat to make steam to turn a generator to produce electricity. Then, it is delivered over hundreds of miles of wire with some loss to be converted back to heat.

Now think of the your last sentence - You advocate burning diesel or gasoline to produce heat to rotate a generator to produce electricity to run through a resistor to produce heat to heat water. Think about that for a minute.

Simplest and most efficient - put the flame under the water and be done with it. Only when that cannot be done should another solution be considered.
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