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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Don't want to get into "fried my engine cause of my water heater" type issues that I have been reading about.
I don't understand this? Energy-wise, there are very few free things in life, and hot water heated off a running engine is one of them. And I've never heard of an engine being damaged by an attached hot water heater.

Getting back to propane, FF covered a bunch of the idiosyncrasies of on demand water heaters. Another consideration is that a lot of standards have been developed over the years to protect against explosions from leaking propane. One of them, embodied in the ABYC standards, is that BOTH the intake air and the exhaust need to be connected exclusively to the outside of the boat, and away from other openings to the boat. That way of the burner malfunctions in some way (like it doesn't light), the spilled propane will dump outside the boat, not inside. An on demand heater doesn't meet this requirement, and would likely get flagged by an insurance surveyor. Consider this not only for the safety of your own boat, but for the safety of all the boats around your that are at risk if yours has a problem.
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