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Originally Posted by windmill29130 View Post
Thanks for sharing! Looks like you got a large wish list there, I hope it all comes to fruition.
After writing that list, i was really stressed out.
There is so much to do.

Then i realized that Dauntless could pack up tomorrow and make the trip across the Atlantic. Would I have everything I want/ No. But she is ready and all those other things are just to keep me more comfortable.

So, i redid my list and added a column of must do now within next two months. The paravanes are number one, but once they are done, many of the other stuff is small.

So, is push came to shove, I can do the Wallas and Fridge in Europe this summer or even in the fall.

that made me feel much better and knowing that i was finally, actually getting the number one thing done, the paravanes, i now sleep much better.
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