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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
Thanks for the link. Very informative.

Apparently fed and state Govt's are doing something to help resolve the problem.
We have kicked around the idea of the Great Loop but neither of us are that interested in it. Even if we were, I would figure a way around it.
Some one will eventually start a travel lift company or railway to move boats. Hopefully, if they do, they will be from Great Lakes into the Mississippi and not the other way around.
Re-separation seems to be the only viable interim fix. It wont stop the birds and trailer sailors but it would certainly slow things down a bit.
The figures on the tonnage of fish caught and sold are only part of the story. When they will publish estimates on how much of an effect on the fish population has actually suffered by this we will have more meaningful data.
I have mixed feelings about the Mississippi part of the loop...hear the nice barely offsets the long, boring stretches.

It might be cool if someone started a train like they have for RVs that goes down through the Mexican mountains...but hauls the boats yet stops in a bunch of places along the regular (or at least near) loop route.

My boss and I have kicked around the idea of hauling RVs down the ICW on barges to give them our why not have that experience in reverse without some of the bad side for us?

maybe we could even work on the bottom like a haulout as we plod along on train flat cars...
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