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Balmar 97 Max RPM

I have the Balmar 97-24-140-BL-IG alternator - I have ordered a set of pulleys that should fit my engine.

I trusted the company to come up with the right pulley ratio for the 2800 RPM engine. They decided on a 3:1 ratio, which I am questioning since the max RPM of the alternator is 6500.

With 2800 engine RPM I would get around 8400 alternator RPM....thats 1900 RPM more than the alternator is rated at.

I have asked Balmar to confirm the max RPM of this alternator, but no reply so far.

So the question is if the 6500 alternator RPM is the max RPM or just a RPM that makes the 140A?

I know some alternators have a max RPM of 6500 sounds a bit low....
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