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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
I had the same thing. PO used a length of regular 12-2 house wire. Just flexible enough to get around the bends, but still stiff.

I found a better way. Still in the electrical department at Home Depot, a steel "fish" tape used for fishing wires through walls.

Cost around 10 bucks. I scuffed it up with a wire brush so the fuel would stick better, and notched it every inch from the bottom. Not perfect, but it's the best solution I've found yet. I plan to order a couple of floscans when a few other budget items are behind me.
TY CaptTom! I'll look at that. Figure I can take length of stainless wire, rough it up for depth of tank, spray paint flat black with white paint stripes at 1/8 intervals to full... and give her a try! Be easy to store as straight rod next to bridge seats; weathering would me no prob!. I'll post once accomplished. By george - This should work!

Happy Boating Daze - Art

PS: I have Flow Scan for duals... waiting for me to install - maybe this spring/summer... I'm in no rush!
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