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I'm new at this, so take the following with a grain of salt.

(We have sight gauges, but fuel docks are far apart here, the remote ones often run out of fuel, and inlets can be very long and infrequently visited.)

I kept track of fuel added over seven months, and hours on the engine. With those known variables, and the total volume in the tanks, gives me a pretty good indication of fuel useage over time.

The PO added a 40 gallon tank, so that gives us 140 gallons in three tanks. We burned on average 1.5 gallons per hour over those seven months.

140 (gallons) divided by 1.5 (gallons per hour) = 93 (total hours running time).

93 (hours) minus 1/3 (reserve in tanks) = 60 (hours running time).

60 (hours) x 6 (consevative knots estimate) = 360 miles.

Ballpark figures for sure, subject to refinement with more experience!
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