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That's kinda my what point does a company reign in it's "risks" a senior USCG officer, I had to say yea or nay to going or sending flight crews into stuff well beyond normal training limits..but that was a USCG norm...kinda like what is done in combat vs training for the rest of the military. Loss of helo and crew was NEVER acceptable but always a possibility...then again normal, daylight water training was always a potential total loss.

I discuss and sometimes heatedly argue with my civilian bosses about risk management and sometimes win, sometimes lose. Fortunately the only accident I was witness to but not directly involved with was loading something on a barge where equipment was lost and someone was hurt. That one turned into a lawsuit and I'm sure it hurt profits for a long time.

Loss of an entire ferry, cargo and some pax I think would make a dent in many companies. Then again the Exxon Valdez and the loss of the BP rig were only petty cash occurrences so maybe I'm just too far out of touch with business models.

I know I don't have all the answers...that's why I would love to sit in on a meeting ...if they even ever have one.
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