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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
I guess if you do it regularly, there's nothing to it. It all about experience and procedures.

I learned to fly in Chicago, the Windy City. High winds and crosswinds were just part of everyday flying there. I didn't think much of it since it was all I knew and I was taught how to fly in high winds safely from day 1.

When I worked as a flight instructor in AZ, most instructors stayed on the ground with 30-40 knot crosswinds. I encouraged my students to come out and challenge themselves for an hour of dual instruction to learn how to do it right. We had the airport traffic pattern to ourselves for hours at a time.

(I notice that there were no others out there playing in the waves...all were secured to their docks.)
When I can make a posting from my laptop again, this weekend, I'll do a posting about exactly that, by never challenging ourselves, there is really no learning.

Details to follow. Also a few exciting stories, but sorry, not as exciting as the Greeks.
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