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RE: Epoxy Questions

I use west system for everything. my whole deck project, bedding down anything and everything to insure a watertight seal. ive gone through two 105c kits (5gal each) on my boat. nothing leaks

here are a few examples.

- deck work, recored almost half my decks using douglas fir endgrain bedded with 105/205/406

- glassed my entire decks with 15oz biaxial fabric using 105/205

- glassed my boiler stack in using the same 15oz biaxial fabric and the 105/205

- teak handrail repair using 105/205/405

- fixed leaking windows using a razorblade to remove old caullk and plunge between the wood and cabin and filled with 105/205/406

-rebuild hatches

- glassed over old throughhulls when the boat was last out.

-filled in abunch of crazing and stress cracks and holes from old hardware using 105/205/410

the list goes on and on and on... there isnt any project I dont use it for

west system has a GREAT tech service line and a wonderful epoxyworks magazine. i vote it as the best thing ever invented.

also its folds better then polyester resin, thats for another subject. google polester vs epoxy......
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