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Epoxy Questions

Forkliftt wrote:

So what other applications are there on a boat for epoxy?

If you have a wood boat, or a boat with wood trim, one of the best products on the planet is CPES (clear penetrating epoxy sealer).* While our boat is fiberglass it has a rainforest of teak on it, from the exterior trim, handrails, and caprails, to all the interior trim and cabinetry.* The boat's interior sidewalls and bulkheads are painted mahogany, the window frames are mahogany, mast and boom are wood, etc..*

Any repairs we do to just about anything made of wood other than the deck get several applications of CPES (a two-part expoxy with the consistency of diesel fuel) before the application of a bright finish (we use Bristol) or paint.* The CPES soaks into the wood farther than heavier epoxies and seals the wood cells against moisture intrusion.* No moisture intrusion, no rot.* CPES applied prior to a varnish, Bristol, etc application makes the finish adhere much better and makes it more resistant to lifting over time from moisture intrusion.*

CPES, like most epoxies, has no UV resistance so it must be covered with finishing coats that do, either brightwork finish or paint.* And while it is a two-part epoxy it is not intended to act as an adhesive.* In other words, it's not something you'd use to fasten two pieces of wood (or anything else) together.* It is a wood sealer, but probably the most effective sealer around.* Fabulous stuff.


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