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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post
I am taking less chances with Ikea LED's (5yrs full time liveaboard, no trouble) than you are with a gasoline powered boat
We can go on a tangent and distract from the issue forever ...

Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
Richard, did you actually read the articles you posted?
1. Did you think about how they apply to a boat?


2. I'd be happy to read some articles about the subject at hand, which is 12 volt led lamps, specifically interior lamps. Do you have some data on them?
1. I did ... and posted as the examples which illustrate the nature of LED lighting ... it's not like a traditional bulb that can burn out and go dark, but a device that can burn up and in flames.

The use examples in this topic mentioned using 120V AC domestic LED assemblies in 12V DC install by cutting off the power supply (transformer and whatever electronics/protection was built into it). That might work ... up to the point. Most catastrophic failures is a chain of events and not a single mistake.

2. To me the best case in point is the video, I posted the link to before, that demonstrated the unstable and flammable nature of some LED assemblies ... here is that link again: Smoking Bulb - YouTube

Here is one of the 12V DC examples you have asked for:
LED Lamps Recalled by Eco-Story Due to Fire Hazard |

The problem is, you will learn about it after the fact. The most imports from China are not checked nor vetted before they hit the market.

Going with known marine brand minimizes the risk ... that's all what matters to me.
Best ... Richard
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